If you’ve ever found yourself in need of a quick fire for some reason or another, you came to the right place! Fire starting is one of the most basic tasks in a survival situation but it can make the difference between life and death, before we continue please be careful when building a fire, follow logic and common sense. Do not have fires in restricted areas, keep the fire small, make sure it’s away from any flammable materials, have the necessary tools to contain the fire if needed, after no longer needed extinguish the fire and always keep an eye on the fire. While out in the wild you can always find time for a little fun, especially when you have friends with you, you could always pull out your phones and enjoy a fair game of Clash Royale, this weeks sponsor provides you with a Free Clash Royale Gems Hack helping you gain a quick advantage against your enemies! Perhaps set their troops on fire with your new gained knowledge?

Fire Starting For Dummies

Let’s get right into the meat of it (so to speak), before you even start thinking about a fire, make sure the place you chose is not surrounded by flammable material that could catch on fire while you do this. Remove any dry leaves from the camp fire area and its vicinity, you could even dig a hole in which to place the fire or have it sitting on rocks for even better safety measures. If you do want to use a hole for your fire make sure you dig a tunnel connected to the pit so the oxygen can pass through and the fire doesn’t die.

  • Gathering Wood Fire

This step is pretty self explanatory, you get wood to make fire. All things nice and easy but remember your wood needs to be dry, wet wood isn’t gonna get you anywhere and you will end up wasting precious time and energy trying to light a wet fire. Divide the wood into groups, you’ll need small sticks to light the spark of the fire. Pencil sized sticks in order to get the fire going and burning and then thumb sized mini logs in order to keep the fire alive. After doing so you start adding larger logs on the fire as the charcoal is hot enough to set them on fire. While the fire is still small and feeble you could also start building a fire reflector to help you maintain the heat towards one spot, this works best if you are alone as you need heat pointing in only one direction. For more people you should just keep the fire as it is, no reflectors needed. The fire will spread evenly between the people sat next to the fire.

  • No Tinder Equals No Fire

Fire is almost around the corner but before you even think about it you are going to need embers in order to light your fire, you need a spark for the fire. Timber can be done in a lot of ways but my personal favorite is cutting strips of wood using a well sharpened knife and using that to light the fire, if you don’t have a knife at hand you can always craft your own stone axe. It usually doesn’t take a lot of time and it probably isn’t the most practical way of doing it, but I like it. Other ways of getting tinder include small branches and leaves, tree bark and even tree sap which also makes a mean glue if you know how to do it! A quick alternative for tinder is tree resin, you can find resin on damaged trees, cut some of it and use it for your fire. Please do not take all the resin from the wound of the shrub as it won’t be able to heal without it.

As fire goes there are many ways to start it, one of the hardest methods to master would be the bow drill method. It requires a piece of wood with a hole in it for the charcoal, a heavy duty stick and obviously, a bow drill. I have yet to use this method and successfully start a fire, but I’m looking forward to doing so in the near future. Please leave a comment if you know any ways I can improve my bow drilling skills!

  • Starting Said Fire

Everything done and said it is time to start our caveman like fire! I suggest you get yourself a tool to get it all going, flint and steel is a classic and reliable option but you can also go for things like bow and drill or the mighty lighter. Just keep in mind that a lighter might not work in a survival situation and you’ll need to improvise, adapt, overcome. Use your tool to light the tinder then start adding your wood to it, starting from thin to thick logs.

You might already know this but you can also use your mobile phone/smart phone to get a spark, the battery can be shorted using gum wrapper and will light it up. Just keep in mind this is not a safe method of starting a fire and the vapors coming from the battery are toxic, only use this as a last resort. The good thing about this is if you already own a Note 7 you don’t need to worry about making a fire, just wait around and it’ll eventually make a fire on its own. Joke aside, starting a fire using a battery is not an easy task and it could be dangerous, the battery could explode and burn you, use at your own risk. Remember to keep water or something to extinguish the fire with around in case things start going south.

Wrapping things up

Now that you know how to make your first fire I suggest you be careful. Always knowing how to get out of a tight spot is important but you have to be responsible whenever you make a choice, everything goes, even fire. Keep an eye on it and make sure nothing catches on fire or your risk starting a forest fire and that is one of the least things you would want to deal with, especially when life is at stake. Now go grab a big ol’ bag of marshmallows and roast those bad boys using your fire place!