Living or camping in the woods means you are ready for the harsh conditions that await you. You will need substantial amounts of food and behold, there is no Walmart in the middle of the forest. You will need to find food in the wild before you starve. Don’t starve! Lucky you, the forest has a selection of snacks that will keep your belly full and your hunger down. We’ll go through some of them to give you a basic idea of to do and what not to do in the wild. Everything I’m writing is based on experience, don’t take my word for granted and do your own research.

Nature gives you two choices, you either find food, or you end up as food. A great example for this would be the leader boards in Game Of Thrones Conquest, you either use a Game of Thrones Conquest hack tool and win, or you get kicked around by higher level players. Someone who already has experience with the outdoors and knows how to handle themselves might not have a use for this, b a person that has no idea what’s ahead and is eagre to learn could find a thing or two useful. Contact someone that already has a set of skills and knowledge at their disposal before adventuring in the woods all alone.


Fish is back on the menu boys, it never left, if you are near a river you can always try to catch fish, whether you use a fishing rod, a net or your hands, you can catch fish. Your goal is to feast on fish, if you achieved your goal nothing else matters. No sacrifice too great! Just make sure there aren’t any bears around, they usually fish using their claws and are attracted by the meat smell. I shouldn’t be telling you this but you can find fish in rivers, ponds or lakes.

fishing in the wild


If you’re more on the vegan side of things you can always get your self some nice grass to gnaw one, like a state-of-the-art lawn MOOER. I’m kidding of course, plants are a viable option, make sure they are edible, do some research and stay away from poison ivy. Green tea is always available in the woods, besides that, some plants can also be consumed raw.


Hunting should be your last choice here, you can’t just go around killing animals and eat them like a savage. There’s certain legal things which I’m not going to get into but make sure you have a firing license and it’s open season for hunting. I’m also positive that you can’t hunt using an automatic weapon or carabine, keep that in mind if you decide to let your inner man take control.

food in the wild

If you’re only reason for coming out in the woods is to have a good time then you can always bring food along. Fill the inside of your backpack or duffel bag with all kinds of snacks. Pack aliments with high protein and calories, remember an adult male needs about 1800 calories a day and women about 1500 calories. Before you head into the woods, make sure someone at home knows where you are going, this is just in case you get lost, they may be able to call for help. I also suggest you pack basic survival items in your backpack and food, you never know what might go wrong.