If you’ve been surfing the internet for a while now you may know it’s full of so called ‘websites’. This is one of them, welcome.

This is FrancisHouse.

Before you find yourself asking, no, my name is not Francis and I will not teach you how to build houses, I can barely use legos, however I am making nice progress with them.

I’d like to call this the pit stop of adventurers, not because I will give you quests but because I can teach you how to makeshift the most useful survival items. I’m no expert myself but I try to give a little of what I know to the people that are interested. I thought of trying the camera version of this, *cough* YouTube *cough*, but I’ve always wanted to manage my very own website, so I compromised and I tried to get the best of both worlds, a website.

We don’t have much to offer right now, it’s all still very blurry and a lot of things you see now might change in the near future. Overall I’m happy with the base we laid, just keep in mind that if you come back in a month a lot of things might be different. Work on the forum has started too, but who knows when that’s gonna come out, it’s just a work in progress at the moment so nothing’s nailed shut. Keep an eye out though, you never know.

Feel free to share this article, check out our social media and look around the other pages we have. If you have any further questions you can use the contact page to send us a direct message or you can take a quick look at the Support tab where you might find the answers that you are looking for. Like all the pages on the platform, the Support page will be updated as we advance, we will add more questions hence you will get your answers a lot quicker.

For the moment, I’ll leave you with the words written above, I hope you appreciate the work that has been put in so far and will stay for more.