Like any form of art, survival has artists, and we, the artists need the tools to help us paint the bigger picture. Today we look at the most useful items to fit in your survival tool belt in case of a survival scenario.

Survival only happens when you meet the three magic requirement, water, food, shelter. Tools help you achieve all of those faster and more efficiently. Keep in mind that you won’t last more than 3 days without water, that’s the best case scenario and without a shelter you could perish in only one night, especially in cold environments. Food is a more expandable situation however, you can survive a number of days on end without it but it should also be a concern, try to get food as soon as possible. This also depends on your weight, height and age. Young and fit people will be able to go more without food when elders might need it more consistently.

Clean Water Will Get You Far!

Let’s get started with the first one on the list, water requirement, you need clean water. In order to get clean water, you need to boil it, boiling requires you to have a container nearby in which to pour your water, that’s where a bag cooking pot comes into play. Light and tough as nails, a pot will help you cook and boil the heck out water in no time increasing your chances of surviving alone in the wilderness. Before boiling water you should also filter it just to make sure you get rid of any debris that might be left in it.

Shelter for Cold Nights

Shelter is something that should not be overlooked, without shelter you could be done for within a day. Cold is not your friend in this type of situation, you need a fire and a place to sleep, the knife can also help you here, cutting wood, building a roof over your head, making a warm bed. The shelter is not gonna hold itself together, that’s when you give it a hand and tie the branches using a rope, you can use any kind of rope as long as it is too thick. I suggest you learn a few basic knots before heading out into the wild, fishing knot is one of the most known ones so you can start there. As I mentioned in my previous fire starting tutorial, you need to be careful when starting a fire, sparks can light a fire during hot summer days and you wouldn’t want that happening would you? Take care. Your shelter should not be in the range of the fire, it should be close to it, but not close enough for the fire sparks to touch it.

survival tool belt knife

Food After a Long Day of Surviving

Food comes second on the magic list but I kept it for last as I want to point out a few things. Don’t underestimate your hunger, you can only go so far without a source of food. You might not feel hungry during the moment but at the end of the day you need to have something to fill your belly with, and I’m not talking about water. After a hard day of trying to stay alive, gathering wood and keeping the fire lit you will need a source of nutrition. Nature provides both food and water, but food is way easier to get the hold of, there’s plants, animals, even bugs if you plan on going full Bear Grylls mode. Acquiring food is easier with a knife, cutting plants for tea or maybe even a natural salad. It is also used to chop meat which will be later cooked. A knife is always a must have for your tool belt. Know that not all plants and bugs are good for consumption and that they might be poisonous, do a little research on your own.

You can easily acquire those items at your local general shop, or checkout sites like Amazon or Newegg if you don’t feel like taking a trip down to your local store.

To summarize this whole deal, the things you are mostly going to need are as follows : knife, cooking pot and a rope. I have a hard time trying to image how you could fit a cooking pot in your tool belt but I’ll let you do the thinking on that one. Thank you for checking out this tutorial, share it with your close friends if you think it might be of some use.