Green Building - Accommodation for nature

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Green build is the practice to increase the efficiency with which buildings use resources. It reduces the construction impacts on environment through various means. It is one of the environment friendly steps in home improvement.

Natural building is a similar concept. It focuses on use of natural materials that are available locally. Constructions have a profound impact on the environment. This is the reason, green build practices are important to reduce these effects.

Building materials are rapidly renewable plant materials such as straw and bamboo, recycled stone and metal. The products are non-toxic, renewable, reusable and recyclable. Organic or milk based paints are used.

It is important to orient the structure to take advantage of wind and the sunlight. For example, Austin roofing explains that daylight with ample windows eliminates the need to use of electric lights throughout the day. Convection current passively cools the building in summer.

Insulation is the last step to support the structure. Well insulated doors, walls and windows help to reduce energy loss. Thus, these design features cost little money to construct. Significantly, they reduce the energy needed to make a house comfortable.

Low budget decoration ideas

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Almost everyone likes to live in a house that is fully furnished and has good interiors. However, many of such people avoid renovating their home, as they don’t have the necessary finances to renovate their home. However, what these people don’t know is that they can easily renovate their home within your budget.

There is no need to hire an interior designer to make your home a dream home. If you have good taste of colors and know what will suit your home, then you can easily save on the fees that may otherwise go paying an interior designer. You can also buy furniture from wholesale suppliers, can save a lot of money, and can decorate your home in a way you want.


The Homes of 21st Century - Eco System Housing

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If you are planning to decorate your home and don’t want to harm the environment, then it is important for you to make your home eco-friends. The following are some of the ways through, which you can decorate your home in an eco-friendly manner.

Install solar panels: Say no to electricity and install solar panels. The main essence of installing solar panels is that you can build them yourself and can easily install on the roof of your house.

Use eco-friendly paints: This is another way through, which you can build an eco-friendly house. There are many paints available in the markets that are eco-friendly. You can paint the house using the eco-friendly paints.

These were some of the ways through, which you can make your house eco-friendly and go green as well as protect the environment.