Has your head ever gone “I should take a long walk, in this seemingly dangerous desert!”. Nope? That’s good, because you have to get this : desert is one of the few places on earth you should find yourself in, no matter the situation. It’s harsh and ruthless, and you won’t last a day without proper preparation and tools. Just like his sister, the polar deserts, they have the same ideology but worse conditions and fewer chances of making in through the night. The funny thing about those two is that in one you will get killed by the heat and the other by cold, but at night it’s cold that gets you in both. You need a fire to live through an arid desert, even when the heat of day can reach 100+ degrees Fahrenheit. Arid deserts get colder than you’d think at night, close to freezing temperatures on some occasions. The contrast between day and night is incredible, like magnets, they cancel each other out. Disclaimer, please do keep in mind that everything here is just advice, I have no experience regarding this and I’m just using common sense, act on your own judgement.

Conserving Energy

Do not, by any means, waste all your energy with one task. That includes starting to run thinking you’ll escape faster, it will only exhaust you. Don’t do anything that isn’t worth over doing. Besides getting exhausted in a matter of minutes if you don’t normally jog or do any cardio, your body will also start sweating resulting in a massive loss of water levels. You should also take note of this, during the day, wear something on your head, a hat, a shirt, anything that can protect your head from the sun light. If you don’t, you risk headaches and possibly even puking. Running will not get you home faster, it only lowers your chances of being rescued and you will dehydrate faster than you would when walking.

a stroll in the desert

Being stranded in the desert is a serious matter, you will not last even a day without being hydrated. Do all that is needed to get water, but make sure to filter it to avoid impurities. Some people say the best way to tackle the desert is to relax during the day, while the sun is up and burning and try to cover as much ground as possible during the night. It’s true, at night it is easier to make more progress as you don’t have to deal with the sun or sweat, but other dangers lurk in the shadows. One danger is not being able to spot snakes, they roam the desert at night, being cold blooded and all they prefer darkness. Reptiles are very territorial so stay away from them as much as possible, they mostly detect vibrations in order to find pray as some species have very poor vision. The other danger of traveling in darkness is not being able to see where you step, you could fracture your leg or even worse.

A Way Out

Roads and rivers represent your way out, if you come across a road or a river, follow it, they lead to civilization most of the time, especially roads. They are your first class tickets to a safe haven and a promise for tomorrow. Take it. Roads are also littered with danger, snakes, coyotes and more, keep an eye out and be safe before making a choice you might regret. Just because you reached any of those doesn’t mean your journey is over, you still need to watch your water levels and your pace. Baby steps, you will eventually find other people, until then focus on surviving.

road in the desert